PRRD on rejecting EU aid: “Go away, bring your money to somewhere else. We will survive as a nation.”

November 18, 2017

“Forget it. We will survive, even if we have to eat dried fish and rice we will survive”, Duterte said after asked if he talked to EU President Donald Tusk.

On tuesday, duterte made a strong comment and rejected the donation of Europian Union.

According to the reports, the EU is supposedly to donate P6 billion aid to Marawi residents who are affected from the war against the Maute Group.

He still persistent in rejecting the aid from EU, Keep your money. Do not Meddle with the sovereignty of my country. Do not impose conditions.

We are not rich, we are poor. But we do not bargain dignity by accepting money with conditionals that are not really acceptable to us.

However, months ago President Rodrigo Duterte has told the United States and the European Union to “go ahead” and withdraw financial aid to the Philippines if they’re unhappy with his bloody anti-drug war. This is also one of the issues confronting before.

President Duterte told “Go away, bring your money to somewhere else. We will survive as a nation.”

“I do not expect the human rights [groups], I do not expect the EU to understand me,” said Duterte in a speech on Thursday. “Do not understand me. And if you think it’s high time for you guys to withdraw your assistance, go ahead. We will not beg for it.”

But in defending his police on Thursday, Duterte said foreign governments “will never understand the pain that we are suffering.

“These fools think (they can do anything) because the Philippines is a small nation,” he said. “Maybe God gave you the money but we have the brains.”

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